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UFO HighBay Light 100W

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UFO HighBay Light 100W

Model XL-iHB4001- Sign LEDBow Light source 3000K/4000K/6000K

  1. This HighBay light series uses #1060 aluminum of high purity, lighter body and better combination with heat sink to conduct heat effectively. Thus, temperature of light body is lowered; life of LED light source and power supply is guaranteed. 
  2. LumiLED 3030 SMD is used as light source, which characterizes with low luminous attenuation, high purity of light color, and free of ghost. 
  3. UFO shape is adopted in the outer design to expand heat sink area of light source and dissipate heat effectively, so that temperature inside light body is lowered. 50000-hour work life of LED light source is guaranteed. 
  4. Highbay surface is processed with anodic oxidation to prevent from corrosion. Appearance is compact and 
  5. High PF power supply is equipped. It can save power by more than 60%, compared to halogen lamp. Environment friendly without pollutant elements. It does no harm to environment. 
  6. Very good color rendering effect to reveal object colors with high fidelity. Multiple color temperatures are available for options to satisfy needs from various environments. Depression emotion, caused in traditional lighting by either higher or lower color temperature, is eliminated. Instead, it makes eyes more comfortable and working efficiency is increased. 
  7. Constant current and voltage is adopted. It can be used in a wide range of voltage (AC85V-AC265V), free from stimulation or fatigue caused by noise pollution or flickering with ballasts. 
  8. Light body itself is a decoration, simple to install and dismount, and can be widely used. 
  9. Multiple options of installation are available. 
  • -40 +50℃
  • 50000H
  • Non dimmable
  • Ø hole:
    D330*H166 mm
  • CE marked
Cat no. XL-iHB4001-
Power 100W
Beam angle 60 °/90 °/120 °
Color temperature 3000K/4000K/6000K
Material 1060#,Aluminum
LED type LumiLED3030SMD
Flux out 12000-13000 LM
Power factor >90%
CRI >70
Protection level 65