LEDhome LEDhome the largest manufacturer
of LED lighting solutions

LEDhome identity

LEDhome - “the best as standard”

  • LEDbow

  • LEDhouse

  • LEDhome

  • Icon for LED screens

    symbol screen

  • Showroom for all icons

    symbol LED diode

  • Icon for LED lighting

    symbol bulb


All three logos are based on a common symbol. Inspired by the LED panel, we created a cross in between four diodes, and turned it around 45 degrees.

  • The shape outline
  • LEDbow screen

  • Final icon
  • LEDhouse LED diodes

  • Final icon
  • LEDhome LED bulb

  • Final icon


Each of the three brands has its own color combination. The main color is always a darker for refilling background.


First, we created a master “LED “ sign which appears in all logotypes. For the main script, we selected the Clio XS typeface which is used to tag names.

Logo usage

Architecture logotype allows application to a variety of convenient and creative projects - web applications, products and publications.

See ya!

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